Saturday, 1 August 2009

Anthony Manning - Islets In Pink Polypropylene

Amazing and legendary album from Anthony Manning on the equally legendary Irdial label, from 1994. This album is a perfect summation of the term abstract electronica. Playing out like one long track, this music is beatless, and has a shifting, open structure. Oddly morphing keyboards wobble around some strange and disconcerting background textures in a most unique and strange way. If you work anywhere that requires you to wear a lab coat, this should be playing in the background at all times.
Irdial always was an odd yet pioneering label. Early on to the internet, they engaged with the philosophy of music in the digital age, and at some point in the late 90s they made all their music available for free download. You can get this album online, but this is a better quality cd rip. I also recommend the Anthony Manning albums Concision and Chromium Nebulae. Irdial also released the even more legendary Conet Project, a 4cd box set consisting of recordings of shortwave numbers stations, which can be downloaded here.

Update: It looks like Anthony Manning may be releasing some more music in the future, and possibly playing live! Keep up to date at this website


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