Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tipsy - Trip Tease

1996 album from duo Tim Digulla & David Gardner, with the help of a horde of musicians. This is a giddy and psychedelic fusion of the already-weird sounds of Les Baxter-styled exotica; mashed together with the then-current sounds of experimental trip hop and a palette of loungetastic horn stabs, vamps and not-so-E-Z casio-keyboard-gone-wrong plinky plonky cheezerama, soundtracking rictus-faced grinning flourescent zoot-suited 50s TV presenter-clowns on acid.
Marvellously executed - everything is played live by the en-suite musos, then sampled, looped, edited and generally manipulated into a freaky yet 'seductive' weird-out: a blend of swinging advert music for space-age fridges, bombarded with springy cartoon sound effects and twangy surf guitar. It's all joyous good fun, but with a real undercurrent of hallucinogenic displacement, which means it could cheerfully soundtrack any party population from Eleven Mustachioed Hipsters, to ultra-heavy hair-bear bunches.


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j said...

Hey nice work here! Checking out several things, i haven't heard yet. I love anyone that can post trip-hop and black metal, back to back. A (wo)man after my own heart. I'm gonna throw up a link, on my blog, if you felt like returning the favor, and will check back often. Keep up the good work!