Thursday, 13 January 2011

Chrome - Blood On The Moon

Weirdo sci-fi new wave proto-punk from 1981. Edgy and slightly deranged, primitive grooves and processed vocals abound, with heavily phased, fucked and flanged keyboards and guitars panning around the mix. This falls somewhere in the middle between Simply Saucer and Weird War, with bits of Devo, Hawkwind and Low-era Bowie (or his band, at least) thrown in. It's all delivered with speed paranoia post punk energy, and speared through with searing guitar lines, and littered with enough kosmiche debris to make it freaky and unique.



Anonymous said...

thanks i'll give it a go

Xenomorphous said...

Thank you! I BOUGHT the reissue LP recently and half of the album is replaced with low-sound quality live tracks. Wasn't pleased!

Yogradius said...

Shit...thanks for the info. I saw they were available on LP again. I will definitely avoid this one.