Monday, 21 March 2011

Blue - Mexican Church

A dark and classy electronica album from 1996. This was released on the venerable Andrew Weatherall's Emissions Audio Output label, and other than that I know very little about these chaps.
This draws heavily from industrial (and) dub sources, which is perhaps why it has dated better than most of the electronic music from 1996 - foregoing the crispy drums machines and crystalline synths in favour of a more murky and sludgy concoction. Some of the melodies remind me of Coil, which is probably why I like this album so much: the synths at the end of 'Gorgon', for example. There's nice use of backwards sounds, and slightly pitch-bent lines which inject that element of queasy psychedelia. They don't entirely abandon danceability, though - there are some squelchy bass breakbeat groovers ('Dark Blue', 'Lower') for the more mogadon discoteques. Weirdly, last preoper track 'Sand Stone' is a decent example of the more chirpy IDM sound of '96, and although it's good, I prefer the darker areas the rest of the album deals with.



Anonymous said...

This is great.

Just bookmarked you.

_ said...

thanks for reminding me of Blue. there other CD's are worth tracking down too - 'Resistance' is more straightforward electronica/dub, 'Nightwork' strays into soundtrack/soundscape territory and the last 'Corrosion' which is the most upbeat and contains some great tracks.

Doctor What said...

Hi !!! Is it possible to reUP this stuff, please !!!! Thanks :)