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Various - White Dot Music Best of 2011

Message to fucking arseholes representing Graveyard or their label. There is no Graveyard in this post, nor will there ever be in any future post, should there ever be one; just as I will never purchase anything relating to Graveyard, or anything on your label. There was no Graveyard either in this post, or the Mediafire links when you reported them all. I specifically removed anything related to a major label, then re-posted.
However, being the utter cunts that you are, you felt the need to report this blogpost, and links, which contained nothing related to you or your label; therefore which you had no legal stake in. Now my mediafire account has been suspended, all links are dead, and you have ruined a blog designed to introduce people to obscure music. Good job.
Nuclear Blast, folks. This is what you get when you sign a distribution deal with a major - you suck major cock.

3 month posting gap, blimey. Here's a kind of best of 2011 - there's a few omissions, like Radiohead, and Innercity's Terrestriality, which is a great album, but I don't have it on mp3. I've left off some metal, too - not a vintage year for metal, but I've also been listening to lots on older metal. I would say my favourites of the year were Ulcerate, Rwake, Cannabis Corpse, Azarath, Trap Them; and probably my favourite - Glorior Belli - The Great Southern Darkness. I've also been listening to tons of techno, and hope to get a mix together of recent stuff.
Best albums of 2011:
Bill Callaghan - Apocalypse
Grails - Deep Politics
Byetone - Symeta
Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen - Uniko
The Fear Ratio - Light Box

What's left then? Lots of psych-synth-space rock. This is a slightly smaller list than the one I originally posted, which got reported because because because tiresome bollocks. Hopefully nothing on this list now contains anything tainted with a major label or distributor. If you are going to spend cash on music, don't buy anything on a major - support the independents, and buy direct from bands wherever possible.

1. D Charles Spee r - Markos's Cave (Arghil edes )
2. Deerhoo f - Must Fight Current (Deerhoo f vs Evil)
3. The Haxan Cloa k - The Fall (The Ha xan Cloak)
4. Six Organs of Admitt ance - Light of the Light (Asleep on the Floodp lain)
5. Byeton e - Black Peace (Sym eta)
6. Grail s - Future Primitiv e (Deep Po litics)
7. Uganda n Methods - Untitled (Mat Opu t 1/2 Vinyl)
8. Le Révélateu r - Age Maze (Fictio ns)
9. Locria n - The Crysta l World (The Crystal Worl d)
10. Mini Mansion s - Kiddie Hyp nogogia (Mini M ansions)
11. Oneid a - Pre-Human (Absolute II)
12. Anim a M orte - Devoi d of a Soul (Face the Sea of Dark ness)
13. Circle - Saarnaa ja (Infektio)
14. Surgeo n - Transparen t Radiation (Break ing The Frame)
15. Seefe el - Sway (Seefee l)
16. Alexand er Tuck er - His Arm Has Grown Long (Dorwy tch)
17. Evan Camin iti - heavy wh isper (When Califor nia Falls Into The Sea)
18. Bill Callaha n - Baby's Breath (Apocalypse)
19. Kronos Quarte t, Kim mo Pohjonen & Samu li Kosmin n - Unik o: III Sarma (Un iko)
20. Mind Over Mirror s - Round, Around (The Voi ce Rolli ng)
21. Master Musicians Of Bukkak e - Prophec y Of The White Camel / Namou arre (Tote m Three)

LinkPart 1
Part 2

Genre for these tracks = 'white dot 2011'

You need both parts to unpack.


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