Friday, 31 December 2010


2010 was the year that Peter Christopherson joined Jhon Balance in the land of the not living, so I'm going to end the year with a fairly substantial upload of some of my favourite Coil tracks. I had a bit of a Coil-fest when I heard PC had died; put this compilation together; then had doubts about whether uploading a load of their music was a fitting tribute, bearing in mind that quite a few other folk made large contributions to Coil's music.
Here it is anyway: there are no more than 2 or 3 tracks from any one album; approx 590mb. This contains some of my favourite music ever.

I've re-upped a Coil selection, in case you are following a link. Follow another link to the post.


Buddha's Buddy said...

I'm having one helluva time believing that no one else has left a comment for you on this post. Many, many thanks for putting these tracks together and making them available. I pulled the collection down several days ago and have been listening to it non-stop since then. In addition, the next time someone asks me to put together some songs by Coil so they can decide if they like them, well, I'll just point them here. I'm too much of the OCD type to be able to do it myself! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

yeah, what he said. Thank you! Coil's not easy to pin down, but your selection does the work justice.

Yogradius said...

Thanks for your comments - I was beginning to think that the outside world had ceased to exist!
Like I said in the post - I love this music. Most of these tracks reduce my mind to a tiny, insignificant, yet still-barely-glowing speck in the face of onrushing, roaring oblivion.

Yogradius said...


Marko said...

Any chance of a re-up on host that works? I too was very saddened by PC's passing and am a huge Coil fan so would love to hear what you've put together. Would be very much appreciated! :)