Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Various Artists - 2009 favourites

I was just putting together a best of 2010, and realised I never posted my 2009 version, so here it is. The picture is unrelated - just a good one I took last year. I probably would have had more to say about these tracks if I'd done this post at the time. I do remember that Various Production ft. Gerry Mitchell 'The Invisible Lodger' was my album of the year - I highly recommend it. Actually, looking at these tracks, they were all from excellent albums - something that cannot be said for my 2010 selection - these were all pretty good albums.
You can find these in itunes by album artist, which is 'White Dot 2009'.

2009 tracklisting:
1-Various Production feat. Gerry Mitchell: This Invisible Blood (The Invisible Lodger)
2-Oneida: Luxury Travel (Rated O)
3-Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls: Escape From Prism (Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls)
4-Valet: Blood Is Clean (Blood Is Clean)
5-Bardo Pond: Silver Pavilion (Peri )
6-Fever Ray: If I Had A Heart (Fever Ray)
7-Alva Noto: Xerrox Tek Part 1 (Xerrox Vol. 2)
8-Wolok: Transubs(a)tantiation (Caput Mortuum)
9-Various Production feat. Gerry Mitchell: A Hole In Your Memory (The Invisible Lodger)
10-Alexander Tucker: Bell Jars (Portal)
11-Cave: Made in Malaysia (Psychic Psummer)
12-Oneida: What's Up, Jackal? (Rated O)
13-Shackleton: Let Go (Three EPs )
14-Ben Frost: Peter Venkman Pt II (By The Throat)
15-Bill Callahan: Eid Ma Clack Shaw (Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle)


Since Blogger decided to remove my best of 2010 this posting looks faintly preposterous. Ho hum.


Yogradius said...

Blogger have removed my best of 2010. Piss on all you cunts. Happy 2011 and bring on the civil disobedience.

Yogradius said...

Ha! Drunk and angry last night.
That's the spirit.