Saturday, 27 June 2009

Gonzales - The Entertainist

Aptly titled album by the chameleon-like Chilly Gonzales. Ridiculously entertaining, this album finds him in hip hop mode. Other albums have seen him do post rock and neo classical solo piano. Brilliant lyrics, delivered with aplomb, over beats which venture from trad hip-hop territory to electronica (no beats, which has no beats). The music is provided by a range of collaborators including Peaches, Digital Hardcore chaps Bomb 20, Patric Catani and Paul PM, who also provides vocals on the brilliant mogadon-hop 'Meditation'. This crew also provide little snippets of background vocals, and little intentionally dumb interjections. Personally I think this all hangs together beautifully, and I can't believe how obscure this gem has become.
I should also note that when he played live to promote this album, it was easily the funniest gig I've ever been to, at the sadly defunct Spitz in London. I would say you had to be there, as a mere description wouldn't do justice to the hilarity of the evening. It's just occured to me to Googe this event. Here is a high-handed NME review, written by someone on their high horse, who obviously wasn't high.
After reading that review, I feel I should point out that this album isn't a joke - it's just funny. It's not some ironic statement, it's serious.

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bobbysu said...

thank you very much

Yogradius said...

Yesss! I'm glad to see any kind of response connected to this album. I hope you enjoyed it.