Saturday, 13 June 2009

Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind

One of the great records in my collection. This 1997 collaboration is near perfect space rock. A motorik groove chunters along, with some nice spacy riffing. This is edited to trippy perfection by NWW's Steven Stapleton, whilst a plethora of the most mellifluous and syrupy moog tones flutter around the super stereo mix, vying for your ear- and brain-space with a selection of otherworldy, disturbing mutterings, like trapped ghosts having their eyeballs injected with freezing ketamine.
Two variations of the same theme - both fantastic.



Anonymous said...

one of the world's finest pieces of modern music

cucamonga71 said...

Amazing. I´ve been looking for this one.
Do you mind if I put it in my blog? Of course I will say where is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Yeow. This is great. Like krautrock, but different. Thank you very much.

Yogradius said...

I have to agree with anonymous!
Thanks for the replies, and Cucamonga71 - feel free!

Anonymous said...

This is great - I've heard lots of Stereolab and thought it just ok - maybe I'll go back and listen again.



Yogradius said...

The problem with Stereolab, Nik, is that their albums are divided between these frothy and breezy, light-jazz-infused pop numbers, and harder edged spacy rockers. The third of their recorded output that appeals to me I really love. They are excellent live, too - well worth seeing.