Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Labradford - Labradford

This was Labradford's third album, from 1996. Released on Kranky, who are still releasing some excellent music after all these years. This is a blend of ambience, post rock, shoegaze, drone - everything in that realm, really. What sets it apart, for me, is it's fuzzy beauty, combined with a sense of mild glacial desolation, or fragility. I'm not sure - we are in the realms of pure subjectivity here. The combination of almost whispered vocals; vintage synths and guitars under swathes of reverb and tremelo - marvellous stuff. The songs with vocals are framed by more experimental ambient tracks that serve to enhance their understated beauty.

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Anonymous said...

great stuff. really like your blog!

Yogradius said...

Thanks anon. I think I've got a few hundred more suitable things to post, so keep checking back.