Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Khan & Walker - Empire State Building

I am a big fan of the highly prolific and many-aliased Khan, (see earlier posting H.E.A.D.)and his collaborator on this album Dr. Walker (one half of AirLiquide). This album was from 1997: a pretty fruitful time from my own perspective, as I loved virtually everything that was coming out of this scene at the time. This is a typical example soundwise, although the execution can be pretty extreme: the first track is 25 minutes of deep, atmospheric pulsing. Some shuffling percussion emerges; an acid line weaves its way in and out of the mix, and some strange electronic sounds drift around the periphary of your hearing. In the middle there is a protracted breakdown that descends into spacious depths. This is pretty much the template for the whole album, which is a long suite in 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 get slightly more lively, with a muted kick drum propelling them, and there is a remix at the end by M Flux, who rocks it up a bit with a nice low-key electro beat.
Deep, trippy and atmospheric.

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