Sunday, 26 July 2009

Underworld - Mmm...Skyscraper b-sides

From the original 1993 ep. I never managed to track down mp3s of these two versions of Mmm...Skyscraper, I Love You, so I've ripped them from the 12". They are more straighforward hard-edged prog house than the sprawling a side (which I haven't bothered including), but they are both fantastic. Great dancefloor cuts with all the Underworld hallmarks - the rolling, driving basslines, syncopated synths and layered percussion. The Jam Scraper mix has a real epic feel, with great use of strings, slide guitar, and a restrained but building acid line which was a bit of a rarity for Underworld.

1. Mmm...Skyscraper Telegraph 6.11.92 (7'08")
2. Mmm...Skyscraper Jam Scraper (9'11")

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