Tuesday, 12 May 2009

H.E.A.D. - EFS

For my first post, a personal favourite piece of hallucinogenic electronica. A 1993 release on Blue Records, by Khan and Kerosene. This album perfectly represented all the best elements of the Cologne scene, much like the finest work of compatriots and collaborators Air Liquide. Trippy ambience, composed of samples and radio noise, provides a background for bubbling grooves created on 808s, 909s and a plethora of vintage synths, with 303s usually involved somewhere in the mix.
Many of these deeply acid-drenched releases were to find a perfect home when they were licensed to the revitalised Harvest imprint, the spiritual home of much of the greatest and weirdest 70s prog and psychedelia. Unfortunately the artwork never quite matched the brilliance of the iconic hipgnosis sleeve designs, but it was all about the music at the time, not the sleeves.



Brad said...

Really happy to hear this, thanks! Do you have, or have you seen, a posting of the "97 98" release by them? Also looking for the Battery Park Cologne releases, so much cool music by these Koln/Cologne musicians.

Yogradius said...

Glad to hear from a fellow fan of this sound! There is indeed a ton of stuff, especially by Khan and all his aliases, and it is really hard to find. I have 97-98 on quite knackered vinyl, unfortunately, and I don't actually like it as much, as it is moving away from the deep trippy/bleepy sound into a more breakbeat/trip hop one. I'd like to get hold of the Battery Park albums, too. Time for another Cologne upload, I think!

Ивор said...

Glad to see there are others that are still into this stuff. I've also been hunting down all the Khan/Walker stuff from this period...the more experimental stuff. Some related stuff well worth hunting down is : 'Temple Of Electronica - The Ocean Blue Jam-Sessions' comp, the 'Vermona' album and the 'Electronic Dub' album Walker did on Rising High.

Totally unrelated but in the same spirit and from this period are the two Rancho Relaxo albums on Disco B.