Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Germ - Black Chair ep

Germ was the recording alias of one Tim Wright, who provided some welcome mid-90s electronic weirdness which went down a treat with me and my chums. He should have been massive! Also worth a mention is his equally excellent GPR labelmate John Dalby, responsible for the fantastic Skil-N-Frank ep, which unfortunately I don't have an mp3 of.
The title track here is a weirdo-techno epic, complete with live trombone.



Jonah said...

This prompted me to stick my head under the stairs and rifle through the dusty archive. I eventually got my mits on Germ's Gueule de Bois/Swim EP. My copy is warped-to-fuck, but still plays. While most decent British techno producers at the time were looking to Detroit and Chicago for inspiration, Germ appeared to take his cues from pioneering concrete and tape music - albeit with a distinct rhythmic mischief realised through vivid digital delerium. Didn't we know someone at Tower who recorded with him? I'm thinking of a blonde-haired Yorkshireman. Oh, the fragments....

Yogradius said...

Yes - Dave Krysko. Not sure if he actually worked with them, or whether it was Tim Wright or John Dalby. I'll be posting the two Germ albums at some point: top stuff.