Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Loop - Arc Lite

Great ep from the kings of repetitious space rock. I can't help feeling that Loop existed at the wrong time. Too hard, heavy and minimal for the indie crowd they were lumped in with; too artsy for metal crowds; too indie for any avant garde that may have existed at the time.
I remember seeing them at the Reading Festival, standing motionless on stage with their heads down, and very long hair swept to one side by the gentle cross breeze, while they riffed away. A shame that live sound was so crap back then, as it's the only time I ever saw them.
They dissovled into the Kraut-inspired (and superbly named) Hair And Skin Trading Company, and experimental ambient/drone outfit Main. John Wills is currently in a rather good duo with a fantastic vocalist called Pinkie Maclure, called Pumajaw. I haven't heard the new one yet, but I can thoroughly recommend the album 'Becoming Pumajaw' - check out this jaw-dropping version of the folk classic Rosemary Lane.
This has two excellent version of Arc-Lite, driving grooves and punchy riffs, with the classic heavily reverbed vocals. Also, Sunburst, a 10 minute, slightly more ambient Kraut-ish affair, with lots of Neu influence.


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