Wednesday, 13 May 2009

H3ÖH - The Hafler Trio Bootleg

I initially knew this as a mysterious white-label 12", on the excellently arcane Ash International label. Later on I discovered that it was a collaboration between The Hafler Trio's Andrew McKenzie, Einar Örn (of the Sugarcubes) and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson. Also, I luckily picked up the cd in the freebie bin of the record shop where I worked.
This release contains two tracks. The first is a fairly long, brooding track. Beginning with ominous waves of low sequenced chanting, a beat gradually comes in, along with weird spacey noises echoing around the mix, and some more orthodox percussion/electronica sounds. A sense of unease permeates this 20 minute track, but it's also rather beautiful, with its little snippets of melody.
The other track, 'Mindloss,' is even better - a low male chant of 'Oh what a wonderful world' fades in, along with a build up of a live percussion breakbeat, and dizzying off-beat samples. It breaks down into a strange pattern of brilliantly edited sounds, as the beat picks it up again with some tasteful orchestral stabs, and the kind of gamelan-y polyrhythm that Four Tet seems to like so much.
A quality release of great spacey music.

Link removed at artist's request


the mullah said...

I am the copyright owner in the recordings posted here. I was not asked for, nor did I grant permission for them to be posted in this manner.

please remove them immediately.

thanks in advance,

Andrew M.McKenzie
p.p.The Hafler Trio

Yogradius said...

OK, gone.
Sorry - I don't check my comments often enough.

Poltroon said...

A shame really because I can't find this listed anywhere to buy. Please provide a link Mullah.

Anonymous said...

gotta love it when artists yank stuff that's out of print off blogs. exactly how are they losing money here? if anything this turns on more people to their sound and those new fans search out what IS available. but, when you're an overly cranky self-important artist, that's what you get. sigh. thankfully the world is still full of artists that make art for art's sake and not their wallet's sake.

Anonymous said...

It's available here: