Wednesday, 27 May 2009


A 1993 release on Cheap Records, which was releasing consistently brilliant twelves at the time. iO was a collective featuring Patrick Pulsinger, Gerhard Potuznik, Erdem Tunakan, and Herbert Gollini.
Pulsinger and Potuznik were responsible for some of my favourite records at the time - especially the Porno LP, and the Florida Optical 12" respectively.
This release was a double cd, and was mostly techno, although there were two inclusions that raised the profile of these Austrians when they were licensed to Mo Wax - 'Claire' and 'Libre', both of which are superb and fall under the downtempo/trip hop/electronica heading. The set kicks of with the appropriately named 'Monster' - a total banging and relentless acid-bass beast. The rest of the techno varies in levels of hardness and abstraction, with plenty of emphasis on the 303, which is always welcome.


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