Saturday, 16 May 2009

Laurent Garnier - A Bout De Souffle EP

A classic bit of techno, and still one of my all time favourites. I'm not sure if Laurent Garnier ever topped this, but he came close on many occasions.
14/04/2010 - Blimey, I'm just tidying up some of my early posts - I didn't write much about this one, did I?
'Wake up' is classic bit of deep driving acid, propelled along by some skanking triplet hi-hats. It pays homage to classic Chicago acid with pitched-down vocals intoning just the kind of phrases designed to twist your melons at 3am: "There's no turning around now; we've gone too more sleep". Acid lines push and pull; advance and retreat, against some sweetly spaced out textures and a bit of restrained snare action to generate a brain mashing trance out for the final 3 minutes. Weirdly, I only experienced Jeff Mills DJing once, about 4 years ago, and was chuffed to bits when he played this near the end of his set. 'Breathless' is an epic and gorgeous beast. All the sibilant sounds are phased; the beat drops out momentarily; strings soar in the background, gradually coming forward in the mix; the beat drops out for small, perfectly formed phrases, while the surging, charging, euphoric synths gradually insinuate themselves. Deep, very spaced, and very beautiful, with a negligible cheese quotient. Listening to these tracks now, I'm still loving them as much as I ever did.


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